Want to reduce internal company emails by forty percent?

May 12th, 2017

Written by Codie Gill

By now many of you will have heard of Yammer, but how many of you know what it is and what it can do for your business?

So, what is it? Yammer has been dubbed the Corporate Facebook which basically translates to a business social networking platform that enables companies to manage their internal communications and boost collaboration securely across departments, locations, content and business applications.

Technologies that enable people to work anywhere at any time are steadily becoming cheaper and easier to implement. The virtual workplace is becoming ever more common. Many organisations struggle within a virtual environment not from the IT side, but rather from interpersonal and social struggles. Socialising within the workplace is how we identify who may be best to handle a special sort of task. Yammer can make this process faster. Imagine being able to ask everyone a question without waiting for a weekly meeting, playing phone tag, touring around the office in a disruptive way, and without sending distribution emails.

By creating private and public groups for teams big and small, you will have the perfect tool for brainstorming, bringing creative ideas together and triggering intelligent business solutions as well as unifying access to information. Groups allow teams an open and flexible workspace that can keep all their conversations, files, and updates in one central online space. Email is no longer an effective tool for collaboration or project management when you consider the waste of time spent in back-and-forth replies, searching for missing files and messages, this is costing companies a lot of time and money. Yammer is a modern workplace tool that is effective and with its Facebook-like interface, it's familiar and fun to use as well.

Did you know...

85% of Fortune 500 companies collaborate with Yammer?

In my experience of using Yammer, communication across the company has dramatically improved, employees feel recognised and are eager to contribute. With a 'Poll' and 'Praise' feature you can bring the whole company together (or divide them!) by posting multiple choice questions where people can vote or show your appreciation to a fellow colleague by singing their praises.

to a fellow colleague by singing their praises. With the option of adding external members such as customers or vendors to dedicated external groups you can provide a great sense of community that fosters great working relationships. At the same time, the network is private and only users with your company email domain and those invited can get access to any information.

If you already have Office 365 (If you haven't then we need to talk!) you can benefit from additional tools such as preview, edit and co-authoring documents using the Office 365 applications. It will save all work automatically, compare versions, and allows users to finalize changes. Moreover, mobile apps are available for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. The application also works with SharePoint, Delve, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and others.

Other key features of Yammer are enterprise microblogging, private messaging, Office 365 integration, company directory, archives conversations, high-level security and message and content tagging.

The best bit? Yammer is offered as freemium software. You can use most of the basic features at no cost, with the option to upgrade at a monthly fee for certain advanced features.

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