Does Your Business Need A Brand Mascot?

April 6th, 2017

Written by Katy Winship

Have you considered a brand mascot for your company? If not, why not? OK good point- maybe your workplace doesn't really lend itself to having one- you wouldn't want a talking drill reminding you to come to your next dental appointment I suppose. But if you are a B2B business that sells products/ services, like we are it, might be worth giving it some thought, we are!

Universally recognisable

Brand mascots are a great way of creating brand identity; they don't age and are always on brand. Successful mascots might not have been seen for years but are still remembered- if you can match the following mascots to the brands you'll understand my point exactly:

The success of certain brand mascots is almost unbelievable; for example there's a whole shop dedicated to M&M's and their figurines! Who would have thought, I bet they didn't envisage that. There's also the recent success of those (dreadful) Meerkats for Compare the Market/, with their promotional figures commanding obscene amounts on ebay and the like. Don't get me started with Brian ('s offering)!

Then there's the genius of PG tips- convincing people to buy distinctively average tea (it's no Yorkshire) with limited edition packs including 'Monkey', whose name can only be spoken whilst doing our best impression of Johnny Vegas.

Brands, nostalgia and emotional attachments

A certain fondness is felt for big brands like this, a type of nostalgia for the adverts we have grown up with; Milk Tray had its very own mysterious (whatever the opposite of a burglar is) man who was swooned over by our aunties, Coca-Cola has become synonymous with Santa Claus and Christmas for some reason and we'll never be able to hear the phrase 'Hello boys' without remembering Eva Herzigova's traffic-stopping chest (perhaps don't google this at work).

Forgetting iconic adverts that are often irrelevant (hello Coca-Cola?) there are so many iconic brands that have mascots who have their own unique personalities which, in turn, support the brand ideology and grow the fondness for the brand. For example, we went mad for Flat Eric from the Levi's adverts, we were all terrified my Ronald McDonald at our fifth birthday parties and how many times did we persuade our mums to buy a certain type of sugar-packed cereal just so that we could collect a branded bowl (see you're thinking Kellogg's aren't you? I bet your mum still has the bowl in her kitchen!) all because we loved the Coco Pops monkey?

Memorable slogans

Brands come with snappy little tag lines that we all know word for word- just fill in the blanks (answers at the bottom if necessary).

1. _____________once you've popped you can't stop.

The _______ tea folk

___________ does the jobs you hate!

The ________ kid (is strong an tough)

_________ - 'They're great!'

Brand mascots have worked wonders for many companies selling products so maybe they can work for you. People can't resist a friendly smile especially on monkeys, tigers, meerkats and robots so why not give it a go? Yours could be the next Brian.


1=c, 2=e, 3=b, 4=d, 5=a