ACS' 2016 In Review

December 20th, 2016

Written by Katie Colleran

As the year that was 2016 comes to an end, no doubt more than a few of us will be glad to see the back of it. But it wasn't all doom and gloom, and we can prove it! We're looking back on the last 12 months at ACS and all we've achieved in that time.

2016 kicked off with ACS being crowned Facilities Supplies Reseller of the Year at the VOW green light event in January - a great start to a brand new year!

It seems January's award set the theme for Q1 - in March, ACS were named one of the London Stock Exchange's 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. After only 8 years in business, this was a massive achievement for us and one we are exceptionally proud of!

March also saw us wave off our 2015 Q4 winners as they made the well deserved trip of a lifetime to South Africa for all their efforts during 2015's quarter 4.

During May, we held our Last Man Standing endurance event (with one simple rule: run until you can't!) to raise funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. We also had our famous annual teambuilding event where our staff spent a day abseiling, gorge walking and caving before ending the day with a barbecue back at the pub!

June saw ACS expand even further, with an intake of new sales staff and our very own Simon Walsh moving into a full time E-Commerce role to support our online function. Meanwhile in the business, we had four of our staff members undertake and complete their defibrilator training, and provided two machines for use in the event they might be required.

The eagle-eyed of you may have also noticed our ACS branded smart car take to the streets in July. Not only was this a green and economical addition to our fleet of company cars, but it also presented a new advertising opportunity!

In August, we congratulated Jade Hampson and Trent Ashton, joint well deserved winners of our Sales & Operations Performance Awards.

September saw ACS certified as a Carbon Neutral company. We've always prided ourselves on our low emissions, so we were all exceptionally proud of ACS going carbon neutral, with a special mention to Emma Ramsay and Sinead Howard, without whom it wouldn't have been possible! We think it makes great business sense not only for us, but for our customers too.

On September 5th, our Commercial and Managing Directors set off for Kilimanjaro! We're pleased to say that not only did they both summit the peak and each make it back in one piece, but via donations and fundraising also raised £8352 for the Bone Cancer Research Trust!

In October, we launched our internal Quarter 4 promotion which saw our staff team up with their colleagues to take part in Big Brother-style tasks and be in with a chance to win another trip of a lifetime - this year to India!

Children in Need celebrated its 37th year of fundraising in 2016 and we didn't disappoint with our charitable spirit, collecting donations for services such as car washes, bake sales and henna body art, as well as office dares and even a raffle to win a day off - £1500 was raised in total by ACS for very worthy causes.

We're also pleased to say that throughout 2016 we've raised a massive £13,431.08 for our charity of the year, Yorkshire Childrens' Trust; a fantastic local charity which helps families of children suffering with long term illness or disabilities.