Colour-Coded Cleaning

November 11th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

You wouldn't use the same cloth to clean your toilet as you would to clean your plates so why use the same mop to clean your floors?

ACS recommend to utilise the practices of colour-coded cleaning when cleaning your business to prevent cross-contamination. For those not in the know this is the practice of separating cleaning materials such as mops, buckets and cloths into areas of use by their colour, for example- yellow cloths for the kitchen and red cloths for the toilet, in order to reduce the spread of germs and increase hygiene. Colour-coded cleaning has been recommended by the British Institute of Cleaning (BICSc) since the late 1990's and it is widely recognised in the healthcare and food and catering industries- where health and safety is of paramount importance.

The below 4 colour coded systems is commonly used:

Blue: Public areas are considered low risk. These include: Reception areas, Corridors and Offices

Green: Kitchens and bars and food handling departments

Red: Bathroom floors, toilets and showers

Yellow: Washbasins and washroom surfaces such as tiled walls and mirrors

Below are some of the products we stock (click to purchase) which demonstrate what the products look like:

From mops and cloths to rubber gloves and mop buckets ACS stock them all! If you would like to re-think your cleaning practises and combat the spread of germs in your business why not call your sales representative today and invest in our range of colour-coded cleaning products?