What's Your Role In The Workplace Circus?

September 19th, 2016

Written by Katy Winship

Are you the office clown, the fire-eater, the tight-rope walker, the lion-tamer, the muscle-man or the magician?

The Office Clown

The most obvious on our list- the office clown likes to joke around and make others laugh. They are fun to be around and can offer a light-hearted distraction, but it's not always a welcome one. The office clown can be like Marmite- people will either love them or hate them!

The Snake Charmer

Able to charm everyone in the office and is extremely likeable. This happy-go lucky charmer seems to never have a bad day and will always have a smile for their colleagues -even when faced with a tricky situation.

The Fire-Eater

This person's reputation precedes them but it is perhaps an unfair one. They often are decision makers that might have to make unpopular decisions - meaning that they are may be disliked or feared. Necessary in the office to keep people focused- they are the reason things get done. They are very conscientious and remind others that they are there to work.

The Muscle Man

There's a big box that needs reaching? Ask him! He's got a heart of gold and never says no! People often rely on him for heavy lifting jobs. He'll either love being asked at the opportunity to flex his muscle or is fed up of the burden!

The Tight-Rope Walker

The people-pleaser of the office - people-pleasing is a balancing act. They will be the one trying to keep the peace between colleagues, working their socks off in order not to disappoint. Often they won't ask for support as they feel they are capable of doing everything without any.

The Magician

Nobody knows how he does everything he does - it's a mystery! He's the envy of the office as he makes everything look so easy. Big problem? What problem? The office magician has solved it- like magic!

The Ring Master

This person runs a tight ship, is a bit of a control freak and likes to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. A great host; you can rely on the ring master to always make visitors welcome. Even when faced with tough obstacles they always power through with confidence and a smile.

The Lion Tamer

One of the few people able to stand up to, but not as intimidating as, the Fire-Eater. Very well respected; you don't mess this guy around. Just the person you need to handle tough situations and achieve the ideal result.