There's More Germs On Your Hand Right Now Than On The Office Toilet Seat...!

February 16th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

Okay, so assuming you're sat at your desk right now, there are approximately 20, 961 germs per square inch on your desk, 3,295 on your keyboard, and 1,676 on your mouse! Pretty gross right?

Top offender!

So, unless you share a computer regularly, you're the only one who touches your mouse and keyboard? Yet, consider how many times you get up to go to the toilet, get a drink, open doors, there's likely to be lots of germs sitting around. Especially if you eat your lunch at your desk too, think how many germs are likely to be on your key board?


I would advise if you are eating your lunch right now to stop. Consumer group Which? Tested 33 keyboards and swabbed them to find that four were regarded as a potential health hazard and one harboured five times more germs than one of the office's toilet seats. Microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson said a keyboard was often "a reflection of what is in your nose and in your gut".

It is recommended to tip keyboards upside down, to remove any old food crumbs, dust flakes. (Yuck).

Smart phones and telephones

Did you know that your cell phone has 18 x more harmful bacteria than that handle in a public restroom we all try to avoid? If you have ever used your phone after leaving the bathroom, you made them dirtier than you did in the bathroom. How? So after leaving the toilet, do you use the handle to get out, or push the door with your hands? Consider those that haven't washed their hands after leaving the toilet? You go to touch your phone and those germs are there on your smartphone. If you go on to text, call those germs are not on your hands and your face!

So after all this - I bet you're feeling a little sick to the stomach? I have to admit, that after writing this I did spend the first five minutes this morning completely cleaning my desk down!

What have we got for you? The answer (da, da, daaa) The Unique ACS Cleaning Cube

An innovation to the office supplies market and completely exclusive to ACS, "The Clever Little Cleaning Cube" offers everything you need, in handy size bottles to keep your surroundings clean and sanitised. Careful consideration was given with this product to offer everything you could possibly need to keep your work area clean and sanitised. The box is non-bulky and will easily sit on your desk for whenever needed. If you consider the fact that you spend over 2,000 hours at your desk every year, your working environment should be as clean as possible to reduce the spread of germs.

Contained in the box are 10 cleaning items:

• 125ml Screen Cleaner

• 150ml Sprayduster

• 125ml Surface and Telephone Cleaner

• 25ml Mobile Technology Cleaner

• 50ml Hand Sanitiser

• 10 packs of Wet and Wet Screen Wipes

• 4 pairs of Wet and Dry Keyboard Wipes

• 2 Keyboard Cleaning Tools

• 20 Absorbent Wipes

• 1 Mini Microfibre Cloth