Let A New Printer Pay For Itself!

January 13th, 2016

Written by Vicki Ward

So you've got a printer that's been bought and paid for, it's sitting in the corner of the office, the printing quality is okay and it's doing a basic job so it would seem illogical to upgrade your hardware? What if we told that by upgrading your printer to a new one could pay for itself within the first year with the savings you have made by upgrading from your old printer?

Don't believe us? Here's how:

Cost per page saving

We all know technology moves faster than we can catch up and unless you're a techno-whizz you can be left in the dark as to what it all means. Improvements to the components of every printer are continually being evolved and refined and with that they become more efficient.

Combine this with manufactures of print cartridges who are always investing ways in which to make them work smarter with new toner formulations, reductions in toner waste as well as higher capacity cartridges, the cost per page begins to reduce.

What does this mean to you and your business? If we consider all this new technology could be saving you 8p per page on colour and you print 4,000 pages a month? That's a saving of £320 a month and over £3,840 a year!

Factoring in the running costs of an old machine

So you don't do too much printing and feel that it might not be worth looking into a new printer? Why not consider the technology advances on the addition of standby and sleep features on printers.

Consider this fact: A machine that is approximately 5 years old will consume 600W and beyond in 'ready mode' whereas a current model can consume less than 34W in 'ready mode' and less than 1% of that whilst on 'sleep mode.'

Time = money

You're about to run into a meeting and need to print out a presentation for everyone involved? You got distracted and now have 5 minutes before the start of the meeting... standard printers these days can reach a capacity of 30 pages per minute for black and white meaning that you can get printed a whole lot quicker!

Maintenance Costs

Just like a new car going out of warranty, unless you take out an extended care pack a new printer will be out of warranty within 12 months which means that any repairs and wear and tear will be on your head which can be extremely costly. There are many new schemes being run with new printers, for example the most recent Lifetime Warranty run by Xerox and many printers now have the choice of a 3 or 5 year care pack.

Increase your green footprint

Being green is one of the most important aspects of businesses today in terms of corporate social responsibility. New more efficient machines means that there is a reduction in the amount of toner used and with double sided printing as standard up to 50% less paper is used.

Less hardware means less power being used overall for the printers themselves, and a reduction in the use of conditioning and cooling systems within the office environment through less heat being produced by them.

Get in touch with your Account Manager or a member of our sales team now to discuss the options available to you!