Summer Volunteering at Hale

September 2nd, 2019

Written by Katy Winship

This Summer our Corporate division have been volunteering over a course of 12 weeks at HALE (Health Action Local Engagement) in Shipley. HALE work with people of all ages and provide a wide range of services to vulnerable members of society in the local community. The services focus on helping to tackle loneliness, isolation, mental health and confidence issues and people exposed to dangerous or exploitative situations.

Diligent Account Executive, Lee Goodall, organised the volunteering project after reaching out to HALE earlier in the year. Twenty-four members of the team took part in several activities and social group meet ups where attendees play games, sing or walk. HALE organises mixed and single-sex group activities such as the woodwork workshop and ladies only chit-chat club.

Chief Executive Officer, Alastair McGregor said “From our perspective we see the positive benefits of getting a local business involved in our activities as twofold – firstly we get positive assistance in delivering our activities (much of which is volunteer based) and secondly it spreads knowledge about what we deliver to a different audience who can publicise our interventions to friends and relations. Feedback from our staff and clients has been really positive and the ACS staff volunteers have been brilliant in getting involved and helping out.”