How ACS are continuing to fight COVID-19

July 15th, 2020

Written by Katy Winship

Back in March, when we all left the office one night and many of us didn’t return, we were all in shock at what was happening in the world but mainly in high spirits. Despite the “unprecedented” time we were living through our colleagues quickly readjusted and within days our over-100-strong were mainly working remotely from home (except for some of our operational and warehouse staff).

The next few weeks saw many attempts by colleagues to keep morale high. From sending anonymous compliments to hard-working teammates to management kindly incorporating Boris’ allowed one hour of exercise into every working day – allowing employees to take hourly breaks and then return to their workstations refreshed and feeling productive – the ACS team were handling problems as they always do - with minimal fuss and a can-do attitude!

In the months since lockdown commenced ACS have remained a fully functioning business, servicing customers who still needed to place orders for not only their usual office and IT supplies but also for workplace safety solutions and working from home essentials.

ACS put into place a dedicated team who worked tirelessly to work with suppliers of the best quality PPE on the market to get stock into ACS’ onsite warehouse. This was no mean feat as demand for goods such as hand sanitiser and face masks skyrocketed. In the past few months workplace safety solutions and working from home essentials has become a huge focus for ACS as we continue to supply many of our customers with the health and safety equipment required to keep themselves and others safe in the “new normal”.

As demand from Procurement Managers grew so did the gratitude, particularly from our customers in the Public Sector who had a duty of care to the key workers.

Leading by Example

With a supply-chain in place to provide a range of workplace safety solutions to our customers, our ACS office has now been transformed so it is Covid safe for employees who wish to gradually return to the office.

With one-way systems and social distancing marker in place, glass screens around every desk, hand sanitiser stations throughout the building and a temperature screening device at the Reception entrance, we are confident that we have done everything we can to keep our employees safe from the risk of COVID-19.

We now have a full range of goods which will help our customers implement the necessary safety precautions to keep their business moving whilst keeping their workforce safe.

"The New Office" Brochure is available here