Watercooler chat - what we've been talking about...

October 9th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

This week we’ve been looking to the future (and the past, again!)

Christmas / Stress-mas

Yes, the “C” word. It fills some of us with stress. We’re starting to buy presents for the ever-growing people on the list (whether naughty or nice, we’re still feeling obliged to buy). Deliveries are coming in the office for online shopping already to ease the stress we are under. Have you seen the video from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis? He is encouraging us not to buy as many presents because it’s getting people in debt and thinks we have lost the meaning of Christmas gift giving- give it a watch here

Toys we used to play with

And sticking with Christmas, we’ve been seeing the children in our life circling everything in the Argos catalogue… All the toys we used to play with are all back in the catalogue, but they’re so wrong! For example, last week I bought my niece a Polly Pocket and it was far too big!!

Things were undoubtedly better when we were kids (said everyone ever) and My Little Pony, Trolls and Polly Pockets were no exception!On the other hand, there are some toys that have stood the test of time; Sylvanian families, furbies, etch a sketch and of course, Lego.

Colder nights

And with the “C” word comes colder and darker nights. Cue our winter coats and cosy nights in by the fire. Line up your box sets and embrace your winter body.


We’re so proud of our efforts so far in 2018 raising a whopping £15,000 for our Charity Partner of the year, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. This year we have held lunchtime quizzes and BBQ’s, feasted on sweets from our tuck shop and have been good sports at our charity golf day and football match. As well as this we’ve had some individual challenges- whether it is skydiving, rowing in the lakes or walking in the mountains- our guys are fearless.

We’ve got some big plans over the next couple of months so keep your ears open to how you can help. Find out more about our fundraising here

Giving Blood

We’re fascinated that when you give blood you are then informed of where your blood is used and what type you are by text message. It’s awesome. I for one will be regularly donating blood- it makes you feel so proud and useful! Get involved yourself- the NHS need 1.6 million pints of blood each year. Register here


If you have spoken to your Account Manager recently you may have heard about a little thing happening at ACS involving copious amounts of chocolate. If you haven’t heard- give them a call!