Top 5 Commuter Essentials This Winter!

November 12th, 2015

Written by Vicki Ward

We are getting closer and closer to the winter solstice which means slowly every day we lose less time with that yellow thing in the sky, I'm sure they call it sunshine?! It's more than just good practise to have a variety of essentials with you in the car this winter especially if you are a regular commuter to work and/or travel a lot with work.

Here are our Top 5 Winter Essentials...

1. An in car charger for your phone. Essential! You can guarantee should you breakdown or get stuck it will be the time when your phone is on 5%!

2. Have the number of a breakdown recovery service written on a card or somewhere in your car to hand quickly. Imagine you break down and suddenly you're in an area with no phone signal to Google your recovery company - we don't always have the number saved in our phones.

3. Screenwash. An absolute essential when the weather drops and the gritters come out and you're spraying your windscreen every other minute to remove the salt screen which will be your windscreen for the next two months!

4. Spare clothes - especially a waterproof coat. If anything always have a waterproof jacket with you at all times, should you ever break down, need to change your tyre in the winter it will come in handy.

5. Snow tracks. Everyone advises to get winters tyres, especially if you have a rear wheel drive however the expenditure for the amount of snow we get can seem illogical. However, snow tracks are very inexpensive, fit inconspicuously in your boot and will certainly help you out should you get stuck.

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