Our First Community Project

July 3rd, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

We are proud to announce that our first Community project is complete! A lot of blood, sweat and tears (almost) went into helping out one of our customers, Mill View Care Home in Bradford to regenerate their garden. The home is amazing and many of us would happily live there when we're old enough. The employees there really have put the needs of the residents first with this home.

The thought of living in a care home in the winter of our lives normally fills many of us with dread. I often think of these places as drab, dreary and depressing but no, not this place!

Mill View Care Home have put so much effort into making the home a fun and vibrant place to live in and help to bring back fond memories for many of the residents whom have dementia.

The home has the facilities you’d expect on a cruise ship, never mind a care home. As well as a barbers, a working shop (where the residents can work) and a library the home has a working cinema! When I went to visit I was flabbergasted and some of us shed a tear because of the sheer dedication of the staff there.

They have spent their free time sourcing and refurbishing the vintage furniture and raising funds to pay for everything.

The most recent project (this is where we come in) is the new 50’s diner which leads out on to the garden of the care home. Isn’t it cool?

We approached Mill ViewCare Home when they had just completed the café and needed help with their garden. ACS vowed that our team would completely makeover the garden to match the retro diner theme and it was to be our first Community project.

Lots of us ACS’ers have been involved in doing up the garden, spending 306 hours (250 hours in work time and 56 hours outside of work) designing, sourcing goods, gardening, jet washing, sanding and painting furniture.

Here we are working hard digging the garden over:

L-R: Tom, Dave, Dominic and Emily.

L-R: Kate, Chris, Tom and Stacy.

Here’s Adam and Jess painting a fence and here Jess is again at the ACS offices with Liz, me and Chris painting the furniture at lunchtime.

And here’s the final result:

I think you’ll agree that the hard work has paid off! I’m pleased to say that the residents and staff are really happy with the garden. Luckily we’ve got the weather at the moment so the residents can enjoy tending to the herb garden and enjoy drinking their coffee in the sun.

The feedback we have had made the hard work worthwhile with one resident who had never stepped foot out of the home since she had been there sitting out in the garden 3 times in one week!

“The residents at Mill View are absolutely loving being able to spend time with their friends and family in the garden and this has a huge positive impact on their well-being being able to spend time engaging with others in such a magnificent place. The garden is really more than we could have ever have hoped for.”

Tee Tatum, Manager, Mill View Care Home.

We are so proud that this amazing care home was the first ACS CSR project and will be the first of many. Special thanks must go to Shipley College and Kate from Brother for their volunteering and also Keelham Farm shop, On the Dot Skips, Estate Sawmill and The Canal and River Trust for their kind donations.