Is lack of motivation affecting your work?

June 19th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

We all have those days where we just can’t be bothered, but when it gets like that all the time we do have to sit down and ask ourselves "why do I feel like this"?
People who have reported a lack of motivation in the workplace credit many factors in their downward turn but here I have identified a few things that employees need to look out for.

Bad Managers

Often Poor leadership is cited as a reason for lack of motivation and the reason people change jobs. Surely, management are ultimately responsible for creating a positive workplace culture where employees want to stay?

In case you’re wondering what I define as a bad manager I would say: those that are demanding or move the goal posts at the last minute, micro-managers, bosses that strike fear into workers, someone who is unapproachable- the list goes on... and the saddest thing is we’ve all had one of them. In fact, one time I had a terrible boss who thought it was a good idea to gather everybody and scream and shout at them all about the standards of behaviour- talk about a hypocrite!

Feeling undervalued

When employees are met with unreasonable demands, feel more and more pressure and get little recognition or financial gains they are bound to feel undervalued and want to quit. Once workers feel there is not much more they can give (other than blood!) on top of an unrealistic workload they are bound to be demotivated and overtaken by feelings of “why bother” and even head for burnout. If a good job goes unrecognised time after time and not even a thanks is given it's time to jump ship!

Lack of progress

People can become stuck in a rut when their jobs no longer present a challenge or have been in a role a while without their efforts being rewarded. Businesses that don’t offer a clear route for progression can be frustrating for ambitious workers. When staff members are no longer satisfied in their jobs they become less motivated and complacent.

Tolerating poor behaviour

When poor behaviour is tolerated in the office and a blind eye is turned to things that shouldn’t be it can make employees lose respect for the business they work for and their management. Increasing numbers of employees place more value in the office culture, the business values and ethics, their corporate social responsibility and social inclusion than pay. For example; a recent survey on Millennials in the office found that many would consider a pay cut to work for a company that had values that were aligned with their own.

Lack of flexibility

Businesses are starting to realise that what’s important to us now was not necessarily what it was twenty years ago. The workplace is changing with many of us expected to always “be on”.
However, when companies aren’t flexible in return with employees this can leave a bitter taste in their mouths. If there is too much red tape and no room for compromise you will get colleagues worrying about making requests such as asking for time off for childcare and this can impact their work. Employees like to be trusted that their work will be done and actually taking half an hour off for things that are important outside of work shouldn’t be too much trouble as long as their work is done to the usual standard.It makes sense that employees that have an uncompromising boss aren't as happy at work as those that do- of course motivation and productivity will wane.

When motivation is lost it really needs to be found again from somewhere. Whether that’s achieved by confronting managers, changing jobs or trying to find motivation from other things it’s really important not to feel all those feelings described above. We all need a motive for doing things and if you feel you can’t change or influence anything from this list at least know you can change your motives and if you change your view to your job as a means to an end then so be it!

Fortunately, motivation isn’t an issue at ACS. Our managers do their very best to ensure that employees are looked after. Welfare of staff is paramount here -in fact why not check out our A-Z of employee engagement here

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