Watercooler Chat May 2018

May 8th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

The Weather

Finally Winter is over and Spring is here! And what a fantastic bank holiday weekend! We're all a bit sunburnt and a lot happier in the office today after some much needed vitamin D. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come- BBQ's at the ready!

Our first community project

Our community project at local care home Mill View has been underway over the past few months. Our ACS’ers have been getting green fingers to transform a local care home. The transformation is part of a bigger project to make the residents stay as comfortable and fun as possible. Read more about it here


Yes! I love a bit of Eurovision, especially Graham Norton’s commentary and not forgetting the camp over the top glittery outfits.Here’s this year's UK entry from SuRie- watch her single Storm here. It’s divided the office- with some of us rating it and some of us hating it. It can’t be as bad as our 2007 entry though can it? Remember Scooch??

Flared jeans

They’re back! Ladies, be prepared to have wet ankles all day if you get caught in the rain should you choose to buy them. Or if you’re anything like us (i.e. thrifty) you’ll still have a pair from before the time of the skinny jean.

Tour De Yorkshire

Yes another sporting event (Who AM I??) I went to the finish line in Leeds on Sunday and the atmosphere was great- we're super proud to be a Yorkshire based company and seeing so much of our wonderful county makes us beam with even more pride!

The World cup

It’s starting next month, can you believe it? Some of us aren’t interested at all, some of us live and breathe it and try watch as many matches as possible and the rest of us will only watch the England games… here’s hoping we don’t get knocked out right away! Ask your account manager about how you can qualify to get a free FIFA shirt of your choice.

ABBA's reunion

They’re like Marmite- personally I hate them but they're reforming and some of us in the office (begrudgingly) have got ABBA fever. Here's a list of songs that's meant to turn even cynics like me into fans: "When I kissed the teacher", "Watch out", "Elaine", "Hey, hey Helen" and "The day before you came". Happy listening, or not!

Our ACS Croatia trip

Some of our lucky winners of last year's Q4 competition are in Dubrovnik, Croatia on a luxury holiday. All the hard work has paid off... Not jealous at all guys!