But I'm just one person what can I do

March 4th, 2018

Written by Katy Winship

If you were to say that to me I would just laugh in your face and tell you that you're lazy and lack imagination. Mother Theresa was just one person, Martin Luther King was just one person, Rosa Parks was just one person making a stand by remaining seated. All these people made a difference in many different ways. Granted they were big differences made by powerful individuals who wanted to view the world differently and improve it by spreading love and equality.

If you want to contribute to some positive changes it doesn't have to mean changing the world, you can easily make a difference in people's lives by doing something small. It doesn't even have to be people's lives- you could just do something to make someone's day. So to inspire you to make the world a better place here are some easy ways to add a bit of colour into other people's lives:

Yarn bomb

Those that know how to knit (and no, it's not just your gran anymore) have been spreading their wool far and wide with what is known as yarn bombing. A form of urban graffiti, the crafty knitters spread colour in otherwise dull urban areas, transforming the drab into a tourists delight!

Spread positivity

Similar to yarn bombing- a mystery person in Leeds has been spreading positive vibes by leaving spontaneous notes on walls and bus stops with packets of sweets and kind messages with the hashtag #Feelgoodfriday. The kind person has received praise on social media for spreading positivity and smiles to otherwise mundane Friday morning commutes. If you wanted to spread some smiles yourself why not do something similar? Perhaps you could hand out (or stick somewhere) free compliments, if you're unsure of what this looks like a simple google search will help you out. Alternatively you could create your own.

Do the unexpected

Give up your space in the queue, leave change in the vending machine, pass on used bus day tickets, pay for a coffee for the next person- basically pass on the love, make someone's day by doing something unexpected and kind.

Litter pick

I remember somebody telling me that they used to spend a Sunday morning going around their local park picking up dog mess so that it was a safe environment for his kids to play in! I thought to myself “what a gross thing to do, lovely though,” Now, I’m not saying that you should all go along to your local parks and do the same but rather than walking past rubbish why don’t you pick it up? If you take pride in your environment and set an example hopefully others will follow.

Start your own social project

If you want to work on something on a bigger scale look at what you can do practically to make a difference and identify a way in which you can achieve this. One example of this is the success of The Real Junk Food Project. Leeds based Adam Smith built his own social enterprise by seizing an opportunity to feed people with food that would have been thrown away, The social cafes feed customers on goods that would have otherwise been wasted by supermarkets etc and only charge people to pay as they feel and if they can’t pay they help with washing up. The social enterprise now has grown from one café in Leeds into a global enterprise.

Be resourceful

It may be that you have skills that are desirable and can trade your talents to do good - for example there are hairdressers that give away haircuts to the homeless. Maybe you’re a wiz on a sewing machine, so why not volunteer at a community centre and pass on your skills? Perhaps you have a load of items that you no longer use or clothes you no longer wear that could be given to a worthy cause? If you have some unwanted Christmas presents that are gathering dust- why not give them to charity?

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